"Dialogue on the Food Security Crisis between Food Exporting Countries and Importing Countries."

On June 12th 2023, the International Grains Council (IGC) and Japan co-organized the “Dialogue on the Food Security Crisis between Food Exporting and Importing Countries.” A wide range of stakeholders from governments, international organizations and the private sector took part in the Dialogue.

During the Dialogue, participants discussed what actions are recommended for market actors including food exporting and importing countries in times of a food security crisis to prevent worsening situations.

We are now pleased to announce the publication of the outcome document based on the discussion, which is “The Key Principles of Actions on Food Security Crises for Exporters and Importers.”

The purpose of this document is to consolidate a shared understanding of recommended actions in response to food security crises among a wide range of stakeholders, including governments and the private sector.

We hope that this outcome document will serve as a reference for guiding principles of action during periods of food crises. We invite and welcome more governments, international organizations and private stakeholders to join and support the key principles.

[ link to the video about the dialogue ]

[ PDF link to the outcome document ]