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million tons            
Production 877861974963969
Trade 9899120115116
Consumption 876859937950951
Carryover stocks  130132169180187
year/year change 1237 18
Major exporters a) 3233495460

(31 Jul 2014)
  • Amid favourable conditions for developing northern hemisphere crops, most notably in the US, the 2014/15 world production forecast is lifted by 6m t, down very slightly from last year.

  • Strong underlying meat and starch demand, combined with low prices and heavy supplies, should see feed and industrial consumption at new records. Large crops will also boost direct human food use.

  • World export prices were weak in July, falling to their lowest levels in almost four years as supply and demand fundamentals turned increasingly bearish. With broad-based losses across all origins, the IGC GOI maize sub-Index was down by 9% m/m.

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Supply & demand: maize

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