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million tons            
Production 866993997951961
Trade 100122119119120
Consumption 863947973969974
Carryover stocks  131177201181187
year/year change 34524 -13
Major exporters a) 3351695357

(23 Apr 2015)

  • While 2014/15 southern hemisphere harvests are still some months from completion, crop prospects in Brazil and Argentina remain mostly favourable and world production should exceed the previous year’s record.

  • A fourth consecutive year of stock building is expected, with cumulative carryovers now seen above 200m t.

  • Global 2015/16 plantings are forecast to dip slightly. Assuming yields are in line with recent averages, output may drop by 4% y/y.

  • While smaller crops may contain use in some countries, global consumption is forecast to edge higher. Stocks are projected to decline.

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Supply & demand: maize

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