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million tons            
Production 866993999961963
Trade 100122120120121
Consumption 863948974974976
Carryover stocks  131176201187188
year/year change 34525 -13
Major exporters a) 3351695757

(25 Jun 2015)

  • World 2014/15 production is forecast just short of 1bn t. While demand is also seen at a new record, closing stocks will be very large.

  • Assuming some pullback in average yields, 2015/16 harvests should mostly be smaller, but supplies are likely to remain quite comfortable.

  • While consumption growth is forecast to lag recent norms, use for feed, food and industrial processing is expected to rise.

  • Trade will remain well above average, with most large importers seen buying more.

Supply & Demand Graph


Supply & demand: maize

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