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million tons            
Production 8699971013970967
Trade 100122125125125
Consumption 866947987974974
Carryover stocks  132181207200200
year/year change 35026 -7
Major exporters a) 3351635960

(19 Nov 2015)

  • With reports of drought damage in China, the world production forecast is lowered by 3m t, to 967m, down 5% y/y.
  • Global demand is forecast to dip by 1% y/y, as some feed and industrial users turn to more competitively priced alternatives, including wheat and sorghum.
  • While China’s stocks are predicted to account for almost half of the global total, supplies elsewhere, including in the major exporters, remain comfortable.
  • Imports in the year ending June 2016 are forecast to edge to a new record. Brazil is on track to account for almost 25% of all exports.

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Supply & demand: maize

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