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million tons            
Production 875860984980982
Trade 9899120113113
Consumption 875858940961963
Carryover stocks  130132176194195
year/year change 1244 19
Major exporters a) 3233527271

(27 Nov 2014)

  • The bulk of the 2014/15 northern hemisphere crop is now harvested and, with better than average yields in many countries, the world production forecast is increased by 3m t from before, only slightly down from last year’s record.

  • Seeding in South America has so far progressed at a slower than average pace. While output in Brazil and Argentina is expected to decline, much will depend on final planting decisions and weather during the coming months.

  • World demand is forecast to increase to record highs, driven by a 3% gain in feed consumption.

  • Export values increased slightly in November and, with stiff competition for business, price spreads narrowed between the main origins.

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Supply & demand: maize

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